Welcome to our first blog, water drinkers! As a leading bottled water supplier in Ajman and across the UAE, we are thrilled to finally introduce ourselves and talk about our passion for water with you all, starting from what has driven us to start this journey as GCC’s first bottled mineral water. 

There is a very important reason why we, humans, look for water first on our quest to find life on other planets – it is an essential requirement for life to exist, amongst other things.  By 2030, the demand for water will increase by 50% and as only 3% of the world’s water is fresh water of which only 1% is potable, we decided it was time to harvest it. As we began our journey back in 1975, Gulfa’s purpose has since expanded and the health benefits of water became clear to us, which is also one of the main reasons why we do what we do.

From carrying nutrients and oxygen to our cells and maintaining the body’s electrolyte balance all the way to flushing out bacteria out of our system and protecting our organs, water has shown numerous significant health benefits that cannot be argued against. On this side of the world where the desert and the sun can be harsh, keeping hydrated is of utmost importance and as a drinking water supplier to all our neighbours in the GCC region, it has become our priority. Don’t forget to stay tuned (and hydrated) with us for some more incredible facts about Gulfa as a drinking water company in Ajman, our products, our promise and our future projects.