He confides which they matchmaking might possibly be a tragedy

“Glenn’s Kids”: Glenn notices Jonah and Kristen flirting and you will flags down Amy. Amy warns him you to she actually is the boss’ dy desires to continue him to own herself. Glenn requires Amy to cease Jonah off matchmaking Kristen therefore she lies so you can Kristen you to Jonah smokes crystal meth. Jonah face Amy on this lady sit so you’re able to Kristen. At photos background, Jonah gathers Kristen, Amy and you can Glenn to determine the way it is. Glenn and Amy both say one other is lying and you can dispute forward and backward up to Kristen requires Glenn if he or she is meddling in her own lifetime. Viewing how anguished Glenn kik desktop is actually, Amy relents and claims she was lying hence she really does features an excellent crush on the Jonah (whether or not she was not sleeping). Since the Glenn’s babies gather getting children images the guy encourages Jonah to participate them and you will Amy appears jealous regarding him flirting Kristen.

“Spring-cleaning”: Amy and you will Garrett look for images you to a customer never obtained. Of deciding on who’s in the photos, they feel the new photos get into a last personnel and you may wade to help you extravagant lengths to try and discover exactly who. It query Tate, search on the internet and also attempt to decide where the person today lives of clues on the photo. Fundamentally, they look for away from posters displayed around the shop your people are an unit.

Jonah tries advice off Amy into dating Kristen

“Cheyenne’s Relationships”: Adam and you can Amy try greeted because of the Jonah who’s shameful doing Adam and you may forgets introducing his partner Kristen. Within dining, Jonah discovers which he and you may Kristen has reached an equivalent desk because the Amy and you will Adam. Jonah is since at a distance from Amy when he normally but doesn’t remain alongside Kristen. The fresh new toasts begin and you can Amy takes the latest mic off Dina and you will claims congratulations to help you Cheyenne and you can Bo. She applies how much exactly the same this lady situation is that have Cheyenne’s (hitched more youthful on account of pregnancy) so that as the woman speech goes on, it works out being a shameful related on the unfortunate state out-of her relationships. Dina takes straight back the new mic and you may begins and also make fun out-of Amy’s tells Amy the guy really wants to hop out and she is to stand. She begins to apologize on the toast but the guy requires when the they might have been y wonders in the event that Adam could have questioned the lady so you’re able to wed him. None answer the questions and with finality, Adam asks what they are undertaking then. Jonah strolls outside and you can discovers Amy standing on a bench by yourself. He says to her Kristen has brought some slack from their relationship and you can Amy states Adam went house. Jonah converts simply to walk away and you may Amy states she believes their relationship is over. Jonah sits down and you can claims she will make it through it and you can jokingly identifies their bad characteristics. They laugh and then he becomes dedicated to the lady self-confident features. He goes part too much and you may phone calls her sexy hence unexpected situations Amy. Amy closes the discussion and go into the to look at the brand new cake cutting.

Amy explains you to Glenn does not want him dating Kristen although he told you yes

“Tornado”: Amy and you can Dina force Glenn to choose which half dozen personnel usually become fired. Watching employees taking squirrely, Amy goes toward Glenn’s Office and you will discovers he or she is give all of the staff member data into the their office flooring. Amy tries to let Glenn price the employees however, his rating program has actually increasing therefore it is meaningless. When the tornado alerting musical, Amy and you can Jonah safeguards regarding the Drugstore. As tornado hits a shop and starts tearing it aside, Amy kisses Jonah. About parking lot following the tornado abates, Amy thank you so much Jonah to own comforting the woman, appears uncomfortable in fact it is disrupted by the coming of Adam and Emma.