Gulfa Alkaline 1.5L X 6 Bottled Drinking Water


Country Of Origin United Arab Emirates (UAE)

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Barcode 6291109302124Size 1.5 LtrPack Size 1.5 Ltr x 6Shelf Life 1 yearQuantity 50Flavor AlkalineManufacturer Gulfa Mineral Water And Processing Industries LLC SKU 2015010 Category
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Gulfa Alkaline Water – a refreshing and healthy way to stay hydrated!

Our Alkaline water is carefully crafted with a special filtering system that adds essential minerals such as calcium, magnesium and potassium, which helps to increase the pH level and make the water more alkaline. It is perfect for health conscious individuals who want to enhance their hydration experience.

Benefits –
• Bone Health
• Detoxification
• Energy Endurance
• Hydration
• Metabolism
• pH Balance
• Weight Loss

Additional information




Calcium, Magnesium, Sodium, Potassium, Chloride, Nitrate, Bicarbonate, PH, Fluoride, Carbonate


Composition Mg/Ltr
Calcium 21
Magnesium 6.8
Sodium <4
Potassium 2.8
Chlorides 58
Sulphate <1
Nitrate <1
Bicarbonate 8
Total Hardness 80
TDS 110
PH 8.4
Carbonate Nil
Fluoride Nil