Gulfa 125ml x 48 Cups Drinking Water


Country Of Origin United Arab Emirates (UAE)

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In 1975, the first water company was founded and raised the standards of our bare necessity in consuming water. With its mission to produce pure bottled water, Gulfa Water Company stands to commemorate the mountainous region of Masfout and supply the finest drinking water. The springs in Masfout that are surrounding the foundation of Gulfa have been naturally flowing through centuries. It is through Gulfa that we are able to consume such mineral-enriched water to our convenience.

Features –
• Bottled Drinking Water
• Locally sourced from the land of Masfout Mountains making it naturally rich
• Pure Natural Water with high source of balanced minerals
• Low sodium
• Package contains 48 cups of 125 ml

Additional information




Calcium, Magnesium, Sodium, Potassium, Chloride, Nitrate, Bicarbonate, PH, Fluoride, Carbonate


Composition Mg/Ltr
Calcium 19
Magnesium 8.4
Sodium <4
Potassium <0.1
Chlorides 58
Sulphate <10
Nitrate <0.5
Bicarbonate 12
Total Hardness 82
TDS 120
PH 7.2
Carbonate Nil
Fluoride Nil


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